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Welcome To The Paper Print and Products

The Paper Print and Products, situated in the heart of Mumbai, is one of the pioneer firms in the field of Blister packing and vacuum formed trays & containers. Started in 1969, it was the vision of one man, who anticipated the new and challenging needs that the packaging industry would face in the coming future.

The essential quality of packaging is often most neglected. But we at Paper Print & Products make it our mission.

“ The package we design for you will always ensure that your product reaches your consumer, in the same state in which it leaves the factory.”

Packaging which was earlier considered a logistical need, which just ensures safe delivery and proper storage, is no longer a fact. Packaging now serves another purpose too, that of marketing. A recent survey indicates that, atleast 60% of consumers make their buying decision, at that moment, while judging a product, by its presentation and packaging. In such a scenario, packaging shouldn't be compromised on.

Therefore we at The Paper Print & Products, offer you a range of services, from conceptualisation of your packaging, to designing trays for you that will suit your needs and ensure that your product looks attractive, retains its nutrition, and remains economically viable too.


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